[microformats-discuss] Microformat for blog-searchand characterizing

Björn Seibert bjoernseibert at gmx.de
Thu Jul 21 14:06:11 PDT 2005

Andy Skelton schrieb:

>On 7/21/05, Björn Seibert <bjoernseibert at gmx.de> wrote:
>>ok, I'll review it and add the changes you submitted. Thank you. That
>>makes sense. I'll post the changed listing again for further discussion.
>This is a very interesting development for me and very well-timed. A
>few months ago, I needed to begin adding metadata to other's blogs via
>a WordPress plugin. I knew this would be temporary but I needed
>something right away so I used something like this:
><meta name='botd:version' content='1.0.1' />
><meta name='botd:generator' content='WordPress' />
><meta name='botd:lang' content='' />
><meta name='botd:home' content='http://www.skeltoac.com/' />
><meta name='botd:name' content='Skeltoac' />
><meta name='botd:desc' content='The personal and impersonal journal of
>Andy Skelton.' />
>I suggest using a discreet element, perhaps <span
>class="sitename">Doodz-R-Uz</span> that could be within or without the
>"bookmark" anchor, to indicate the site name. "Generator" would be
>optional. We might also define "founded" and "updated" dates as
>Andy Skelton
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Andy, the blogname would be within the bookmark anchor. Generator as 
optional info is a good idea. Founded is not a neccessary information 
for potential readers, I think. But I like the idea of updated piece.


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