[microformats-discuss] personal intro

Kevin Marks kmarks at technorati.com
Tue Jul 26 11:37:49 PDT 2005

I've just realised I have never sent an intro to this list. I'm Kevin  
Marks, Principal Engineer at Technorati, and involved in microformats  
since before they had a name.
The main thing I work on at Technorati is making sense of data on the  
web through our spiders, so Microformats are a great fit for that.
Before joining Technorati, I spent 6 years working in QuickTime  
Engineering at Apple, and 8 years before that on New media development  
in England, so I know lots about the rich media side.

I am also co-chair (with Stewart Butterfield of Flickr) of Tag Tuesday,  
a monthly gathering of Tagging Implementers in San Francisco - we meet  
tonight at Varnish Gallery at 6.30pm. See http://tagtuesday.com for  
details (and 'hevent').

I wrote a post on Corante yesterday about how tags and other  
microformats complement each other, which you might find interesting:


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