[microformats-discuss] another personal intro

Sam Deane lists at elegantchaos.com
Tue Jul 26 17:16:32 PDT 2005

Sorry, hadn't realised that I was supposed to introduce myself  
(having now realised, I was tempted to send my personal intro as some  
xml in cod hCard format, but my fatigue overcame my natural  
enthusiasm for a cheap joke).

I worked with Kevin Marks many moons ago in England. Since then I've  
worked writing multimedia applications at recording studios (Real  
World and Abbey Road), writing shareware, porting PC games to the Mac  
and then having them released by the publisher before they are ready,  
and more latterly writing cross platform user interface and  
foundation layers for original games (and then having them... blah  

I resigned from my games job last October because I'd clearly been  
working far too hard, for far too long, needed a break, and games  
people don't really understand the idea of a sabbatical. Since then I  
have been contracting, and catching up on all the interesting things  
that I've been too busy to play with whilst immersed in the games  
world. This party explains my presence on the list - the rest of the  
explanation being simply that in my experience, if Kevin is  
interested in something, it's probably interesting.

I am now, theoretically, a researcher working for a new learning  
technology research lab, based in Dublin, about to write the next  
great authoring environment to support user programming in the way  
that Hypercard once did.

Unfortunately this will remain theoretical until I get a contract, so  
technically I am still a freelancer, and available for weddings, bah- 
mitzvahs, etc.

Key fact: my favourite programming language is Dylan.

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