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Tim White tjameswhite at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 1 10:46:11 PST 2005

Brian's citation pages look to be on target to me. We should certainly
move forward with choosing a format to follow and go from there. (Brian
- any thought of adding z39.80 to your formats table?)

As for a separate book review format, there really isn't a need.
Microformats are modular by nature (yes?) so you would simply use
relevant bits of the citation format within hReview. Likewise, author
names in the citation format could be marked up based on the hCard
format. I've recently added hReview (using hCard for reviews' names) to
the reference reviews on our Web site (reviews.gale.com). I'd also like
to mark up the products being reviewed and a citation format seems
natural. On a personal note, I'd simply like a way to mark up book
titles. There just isn't a good way to do that at the moment.

Additionally, as I mentioned in my last email, we are rebuilding our
online products core code at the moment to be semantically driven
XHTML. We produce reference products for all libraries of all levels.
So, when conducting a search on, say frogs, a number of articles
(journal, newspaper, etc) citations are returned. We need to do a
couple of things with these and having them semantically marked up
would certainly help.

First, users can create bibliographic citations right from the results
page or the article page. We output citations in MLA, APA and Z39.80
formats. It only makes sense to mark up the citations from the
beginning in a way that would allow output in any of these (or other)
formats. Knowing each piece of the citation would make that pretty

Secondly, from a purely presentation point of view, we need to present
citations on screen in a standard manner. While most products present
them in MLA format, some break the elements onto multiple lines. Again,
knowing each piece of the puzzle makes this pretty easy to do.

I'm reprinting this email on by website with examples of how citations
are output.

I'm definitely willing to help out with this project. Feel free to
email me off list, on list or comment on the entry.

~ Tim

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