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Thu Nov 3 11:53:04 PST 2005

--- Edward Summers <ehs at pobox.com> wrote:

> Thanks for revving up this discussion a bit.

Glad to help. And to think my interest began with simply wanting a
better way to mark up book titles when I write about them.

> Believe it or not I'd never heard of z39.80 before, although that  
> type of citation data looks very familiar from other databases such  
> as medline. I notice that it is still a draft, are other companies  
> other than Gale using it?

I believe it. I'm not a bibliographic expert so a lot of this is new to
me as well. I work on our corporate Web site (having previously been an
editor) and have been pushing for semantic html and css (we're making
progress). As such, my name was floated to the product developers as
they retool our online products. If all goes well, they'll be
well-formed XHTML documents.

That being that, I have heard talk about COins, OpenURL, etc., as well
as z39.80. The fact that it is a draft surprised me as well (and to
answer a question from Brian, I'm not sure what's different compared to
z39.88; at first glance they look pretty similar). Perhaps I shouldn't
have mentioned that our products can generate it, but I did warn them
I'd be discussing this in a public forum.  : )

>I think that the work Brian has done is  
> great, but right now there are tons of options out there and we could
> talk about citation formats till the cows come home (and leave their 
> paths). Perhaps some examples using bibtex, z39.80 and openurl are in
> order for the wiki?

Brian did add z39.80 to the wiki. We need to map out some of the fields
yet. And you're right, we've got a ton of options to sort through. My
thought was that we wouldn't use any one of them per se, but build a
microformat that can be mapped to (at least) the most prominent/common

I'll try to add some thoughts to the brainstorming page in the next day
or so. Now that I'm actually working on this *for* work I can find some
time in the day to devote to it.

~ Tim

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