[uf-discuss] Re: Re: [microformats-discuss] Fiction books microformats

Edward Summers ehs at pobox.com
Thu Nov 3 11:13:47 PST 2005

Thanks for revving up this discussion a bit. I work at an ebook  
company (Follett) and am also interested in a citation microformat.  
I'm active in the library developer community where OpenURL [1] is  
used quite a bit for creating links to licensed content (articles,  
books, dissertations, etc)--which amounts to embedding citation data  
predictably in url query strings.  There is also an XML encoding  
which I think could probably map pretty nicely to a microformat, with  
slight changes to use hCard and such as appropriate.

Believe it or not I'd never heard of z39.80 before, although that  
type of citation data looks very familiar from other databases such  
as medline. I notice that it is still a draft, are other companies  
other than Gale using it? I think that the work Brian has done is  
great, but right now there are tons of options out there and we could  
talk about citation formats till the cows come home (and leave their  
paths). Perhaps some examples using bibtex, z39.80 and openurl are in  
order for the wiki?


ps. After reading Tim's post I tried to summarize my thoughts about  
this in my blog as well [2]

[1] http://www.niso.org/committees/committee_ax.html
[2] http://www.inkdroid.org/journal/2005/11/03/a-citation-microformat- 

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