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Thomas Vander Wal vanderwal at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 19:16:00 PST 2005

I had an inquiry into a general product microformat with in the last
week or so.  I can see elements in your request here, as well as
others in this thread that would make sense to pitch in and help to
also frame an initial product MF.

I had been hoping to use a good chunk of today for just this work, but
a presentation next week in Berlin has been occupying my time (and
having a minor blog rant trigger far more e-mail than expected on the

All the best,

On 11/1/05, Tim White <tjameswhite at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Brian's citation pages look to be on target to me. We should certainly
> move forward with choosing a format to follow and go from there. (Brian
> - any thought of adding z39.80 to your formats table?)
> As for a separate book review format, there really isn't a need.
> Microformats are modular by nature (yes?) so you would simply use
> relevant bits of the citation format within hReview. Likewise, author
> names in the citation format could be marked up based on the hCard
> format. I've recently added hReview (using hCard for reviews' names) to
> the reference reviews on our Web site (reviews.gale.com). I'd also like
> to mark up the products being reviewed and a citation format seems
> natural. On a personal note, I'd simply like a way to mark up book
> titles. There just isn't a good way to do that at the moment.
> Additionally, as I mentioned in my last email, we are rebuilding our
> online products core code at the moment to be semantically driven
> XHTML. We produce reference products for all libraries of all levels.
> So, when conducting a search on, say frogs, a number of articles
> (journal, newspaper, etc) citations are returned. We need to do a
> couple of things with these and having them semantically marked up
> would certainly help.
> First, users can create bibliographic citations right from the results
> page or the article page. We output citations in MLA, APA and Z39.80
> formats. It only makes sense to mark up the citations from the
> beginning in a way that would allow output in any of these (or other)
> formats. Knowing each piece of the citation would make that pretty
> easy.
> Secondly, from a purely presentation point of view, we need to present
> citations on screen in a standard manner. While most products present
> them in MLA format, some break the elements onto multiple lines. Again,
> knowing each piece of the puzzle makes this pretty easy to do.
> I'm reprinting this email on by website with examples of how citations
> are output.
> http://www.tjameswhite.com/blog/archives/2005/11/citation-microformat/
> I'm definitely willing to help out with this project. Feel free to
> email me off list, on list or comment on the entry.
> ~ Tim
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