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Chris Hibbert chris at commerce.net
Mon Nov 7 13:11:59 PST 2005

Tim White wrote:
> As for a separate book review format, there really isn't a need.
> Microformats are modular by nature (yes?) so you would simply use
> relevant bits of the citation format within hReview.

Seems reasonable if it would work, and if there are appropriate 
syntactic markers already defined.

> Likewise, author names in the citation format could be marked up
> based on the hCard format. I've recently added hReview (using hCard
> for reviews' names) to the reference reviews on our Web site
> (reviews.gale.com). 

hCard lets you insert the things you know about the author's contact 
information, but I don't see an obvious way to use it to identify the 
author of the work being reviewed.  Not quite the same thing.  Am I 
missing something?

I found a couple of book reviews at reviews.gale.com, but none of them 
had any markup on the book's authors.  Can you point to an example that 

> I'd also like to mark up the products being reviewed and a citation
> format seems natural. On a personal note, I'd simply like a way to
> mark up book titles. There just isn't a good way to do that at the
> moment.

hReview requires that "item info" give the name of the reviewed object.


Why isn't that what you are looking for?

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