[uf-discuss] Microformat Encoding Thoughts

brian suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 07:35:08 PST 2005

Tim White wrote:

>What would the difference and/or implications be of using multiple
>classes instead? ...
> <h2>Document Authors</h2>
> <ul>
> <li class="author">John Doe 1</li>
> <li class="author supervisor">John Doe 2</li>
> <li class="author editor">John Doe 3</li>
> </ul>
>This captures the core role of author as well as providing specific
>levels of authorship.

--- the problem with that is John Doe 3 could get encoded twice, once
under the author property, then a second time in the editor property. It
would be the same as saying
<span class="fn n">Brian Suda</span>
Brian Suda would be encoded in the FN property AND the N property... you
could write loads of smart code to check if/then/elses to prevent the
class="author editor" situation, but then the code gets too specialised
and things get messy.

>Of course, to Tantek's point of keeping things visible, citations
>usually have visible clues as to role; i.e.:
--- While this is true, the TEL example might not have been the best.
TEL (and the idea tel-work) was actually trying to encode two type of
data, the property and the TYPE, (and the value of that node as the
value of the property). So the idea was disreguarded because we were
hiding the TYPE information.

>"Article." John Doe. Translation by John Doe 2. Publication Name. Date.
>John Doe is assumed to be author, John Doe 2 is described as editor.
>The mark up would then be something like:
><span class="author">John Doe</span>
><span class="author">Translated by John Doe 2</span>

In this example, the value of the second author would be the string
"Translated by John Doe 2", you probably would want is something like this:

Translated by <span class="author">John Doe 2</span>

>A work will have a title, but that doesn't (necessarily) tell us what
>kind of work it is. I could mention a book called Stars, but that
>doesn't tell you if it is a science reference work, a poem, a sci-fi
>novel, etc. I was thinking that the mark up would be something like
><span class="title poem">Stars</span>.
This is a good point and should be added to the Wiki. I think most
citation formats have some sort of "Type", i know in BibTeX it is an
enumerated list (journal, book, article, etc.) the list is not very
comprehensive. So something like POEM might be best placed in the TYPE
property instead of the 'title' because that might imply that the title
is a poem, when in fact it is the work itself.


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