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Tim White tjameswhite at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 4 10:34:23 PST 2005

--- brian suda <brian.suda at gmail.com> wrote:

> --- the problem with that is John Doe 3 could get encoded twice, once
> under the author property, then a second time in the editor property.

Doh. Didn't think of that. Definitely a problem.

> In this example, the value of the second author would be the string
> "Translated by John Doe 2", you probably would want is something like
> this:
> Translated by <span class="author">John Doe 2</span>

Good point. But again, I wouldn't call all of them "author-*", I'd
specify what they did. So, perhaps we should look at a root
class="role" then specify what the role is (author, translator, etc)?
But that seems a little too complex. My gut instinct is to code it
simply as:

Written by <span class="author">John Doe</span>
Edited by <span class="editor">John Doe 2</span>
Translated by <span class="translator">John Doe 3</span>

> >A work will have a title, but that doesn't (necessarily) tell us
> what
> >kind of work it is. I could mention a book called Stars, but that
> >doesn't tell you if it is a science reference work, a poem, a sci-fi
> >novel, etc. I was thinking that the mark up would be something like
> ><span class="title poem">Stars</span>.
> >  
> >
> This is a good point and should be added to the Wiki. I think most
> citation formats have some sort of "Type", i know in BibTeX it is an
> enumerated list (journal, book, article, etc.) the list is not very
> comprehensive. So something like POEM might be best placed in the
> property instead of the 'title' because that might imply that the
> title
> is a poem, when in fact it is the work itself.

I can add a section to the brainstorming page if you'd like.

~ Tim

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