[uf-discuss] Standardised list of plural properties

brian suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 11:02:28 PST 2005

David House wrote:

>Pertaining to hCal/hCard (and I guess hReview as well, although I
>haven't poked around there).
>Is there a list of all properties which can be plural anywhere? If
>not, could there be? It would be useful as these have to be treated
>differently when parsing.
>Example: for hCard, I've come up with this list by looking throught
>the examples and by using common sense:
>(type -- bit of a special case as it's not technically a property
Many of the properties where "singularized", in vCard it is actually
honorific-prefixed (plural) but since most people only have one we moved
to an all singular format. If you want (or have) to prefixes you simple
create two instances of the singular.

So for multiple categories (instead of saying)
<ul class="categories">
you use
<li class="category">..</li>
<li class="category">..</li>

That way if you only have one category you are not forced to use the
plural for a single instance.

So multiple single instances are how you achieve plural forms.


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