[uf-discuss] tel scheme for hcard? - RFC 2806

brian suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 15:27:04 PST 2005

Karl Dubost wrote:

> Hi Brian,
> Le 05-11-10 à 16:26, brian suda a écrit :
>> There are several different protocols for telephony, TAPI is another
>> possiblity.
>> I think this is a good idea, but the parsing[1] page does not address
>> this issue at the moment.
>> <a href="tapi://123456789" class="tel"><span
>> class="value">+123.456.7890</span> <abbr class="type"
>> title="cell">(mobile)</abbr></a>
>> while you COULD extract the machine readable data from the href, hcard
>> really wants the human readable format anyway. So what would be the
>> reason for using the machine data?
> Do you mean the benefit for the user of having an anchor?
> click. :)

--- i meant that the machine readable data has no benefit to hCard. I'll
let someone else debate the value of having the href open a seperate
program (we see if for PDFs, but not so ofter for telnet:// or other
protocols) There is nothing mechanically/technically wrong with
marking-up TEL in an 'a' rather than any other element.

> I didn't know about tapi but it seems not to be in the IANA list.

--- you are correct, and now i can't find a good resource to link to
about it. I do remember TAPI was a protocol supported by my old
Sony-Ericsson phone. You could do stuff like,
and that would the next set of values into the addressbook (ad) [don't
quote me on the syntax. I used it briefly with WAP, since that was where
the TAPI:// or TEL:// protocol would actually be of use since it is a
pretty strong bet the user can actually make that call rather than
getting an OS error message or the browser trying to handle the request
in some fashion.]

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