[uf-discuss] xdmp profiles not enough for parsing?

Karl Dubost karl at w3.org
Wed Nov 16 05:35:48 PST 2005

Le 2005-11-15 à 11:05, Phil Dawes a écrit :
> When coding up my python microformats parser, one of the problems I  
> encountered was getting the parser to interpret the structure  
> correctly (see [1]). In order to overcome this my parser currently  
> hardcodes the elements that can have sub-elements in an internal  
> data structure.
> (e.g. for hCard: 'adr', 'geo' and 'n' can have subelements).
> I've just noticed that xdmp profiles don't carry this information,  
> and was wondering if this scuppers the general idea of parsing  
> microformats from their profiles?
> (or am I missing something)

I have no specific answer to your questions, but I know some people  
who have worked on GRDDL tried also to extract part of the  
information of the profiles. You *may* find information on this side.


As of April 1st 2005, five partial or full implementations of GRDDL  
have been announced:

     * an XSLT-based on-line demonstrator, developed by the author,  
implements all the transformation mechanisms described in the  
specification, but without real error handling; this implementation  
is only available as a Web interface.
     * glean.py, a Python implementation by Dan Connolly (co-author  
of the GRDDL specification) which also implements all the mechanisms  
as a command line tool.
     * garner.py, another Python implementation by Sean Palmer,  
available both as command line and as Web service
     * a PHP implementation for RAP, the Semantic Web toolkit for  
PHP, implementing at this time the XHTML-mechanisms only
     * Dave Beckett's GRDDL parser implemented in C as part of  
raptor, also available through a Web interface

The diversity of implementations and their number at this stage of  
development of the specification is a positive sign of the interest  
in the technology among the Semantic Web community; hopefully this  
number should grow even larger, and GRDDL could become a basic part  
of any RDF toolkit.

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