[uf-discuss] Legit hcard?

Phil Dawes phil at phildawes.net
Thu Nov 17 02:14:21 PST 2005

Hi Microformats list,

I was just wondering, is the 'email' bit at the bottom of the following 
is legal hCard?

         <div class="vcard">
             <a class="url fn" href="http://www.ndunn.com/">Neil Dunn</a>
             <a href="http://www.ndunn.com/images/extreme_me.png">
                 <img class="photo" src="vcard/face.png" alt="Neil Dunn">
             <address class="adr">
                 <span class="street-address">21 Ford Avenue</span><br>
                 <span class="locality">Eastleigh</span><br>
                 <span class="region">Hampshire</span><br>
                 <span class="postal-code">SO53 3BA</span>
             <address class="tel">
                 <abbr class="type" title="cell">Mobile</abbr>:
                 <span class="value">+447739012951</span>
                 <a href="mailto:ndunn at ndunn.com" class="email">
                     <abbr class="type" title="home">ndunn at ndunn.com</abbr>

The spec seems to imply that a 'value' should be being used here[1]. 
E.g. maybe:

         <span class="email">
            <a href="mailto:ndunn at ndunn.com" class="value">
               <abbr class="type" title="home">ndunn at ndunn.com</abbr>

Am interested because it has a baring on my 'deduce the structure' hacking!

Many thanks,


[1] http://microformats.org/wiki/hcard#Value_excerpting

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