[uf-discuss] blog quotes - markup pattern? microformat? discuss!

Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Mon Nov 21 19:50:51 PST 2005


A few of you have either emailed me or commented on one of the examples in
my recent presentation The Elements of Meaningful XHTML at WebEssentials05:


which uses the <cite> and <blockquote> elements to quote from a blog post:

Slides 11-13:

<p><cite>Eric Meyer</cite> wrote:</p>
<blockquote cite="http://meyerweb.../social-protocols/">
 What's so interesting to me is that the guys who decided
 to focus on the positive went out and did something;
 those who want to mix in the negative seem to have
 nothing to offer except complaints.
<p>An excellent contrast between those who want to
build new things and those who want to tear them down.

Deeje of Macromedia pointed out that nowhere in this markup did it actually
user visibly *link* to the blog post, which makes it not particularly user


He's right of course, and I followed up here:


So what are "best practices" for semantically marking up a blog quote?

Are they merely proper uses of XHTML elements? (as implied in the preso)

Or is there enough of a pattern here to consider an XHTML compound?

Or perhaps enough to warrant a microformat? (my intuition tells me no, yet
it is perhaps still worth at least asking the question).

I've started this page to document various examples and "best practices".
Please feel free to offer yours, or improve upon what you see there.




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