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Karl Dubost karl at w3.org
Tue Nov 22 07:00:42 PST 2005

Le 2005-11-21 à 22:50, Tantek Çelik a écrit :
> So what are "best practices" for semantically marking up a blog quote?

very difficult to solve. And I guess it may apply to all kind of quotes.

> Are they merely proper uses of XHTML elements? (as implied in the  
> preso)

In the way you have done it, yes. The cite may contain also the title  
of the article you are quoting.

> Or is there enough of a pattern here to consider an XHTML compound?

That's the thing the pattern you proposed here will work only in  
isolation but will fail as soon as you will have more than two  

> Or perhaps enough to warrant a microformat? (my intuition tells me  
> no, yet
> it is perhaps still worth at least asking the question).

Difficult to answer. A good (utopian) format for quotes would almost  
help to replace the trackback system altogether. And would help to  
create real quote bot engines for bloggers and for "classical" authors.

One of the problems too that we will not be able to change, browsers  
never implemented the cite. Not that they required too, but it could  
have been a neat mechanism for the hyperlinking nature of the Web.

The way I'm doing now and which is *not necessary good*

<blockquote class="citation"

<p>Octobre glorieux sourit à la nature.<br/>
On dirait que l'été ranime les buissons.<br/>
Un vent frais, que l'odeur des bois fanés sature,<br/>
Sur l'herbe et sur les eaux fait courir ses frissons.</p>

<p><cite class="dc:title"><a href="http://poesie.webnet.fr/poemes/ 
min/12.html">Rayons d'octobre (I)</a></cite> -
    <cite class="dc:author">Nérée Beauchemin</cite></p>


So why this choice.

The fact that I put the Author and the title inside the blockquote  
because there's no formal way in HTML to associate both entities and  
there are cases when in a paragraph, you can talk about multiple  
authors, and then you can't make it easy for example for a bot to  
find what belongs to who. :((( That's unfortunate. XHTML 2.0 tends to  
solve things here. But that would not solve the problem of today.


<p>Il y a un moment précis dans le temps<br/>
Où l'homme atteint le milieu exact de sa vie<br/>
Un fragment de seconde<br/>
Une fugitive parcelle de temps plus rapide qu'un regard<br/>
Plus rapide que le sommet des pâmoisons amoureuses<br/>
Plus rapide que la lumière.<br/>
Et l'homme est sensible à ce moment.</p>

<p><cite class="dc:title">Mi-route (Fortunes)</cite> - <cite  
obert Desnos</cite></p>


When it's from a book, I'm using urn:isbn: but I could use also


which offers a vendor neutral way of linking to a book.


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