[uf-discuss] uF Discovery? (was: FYI: Jeff Jarvis on microformats and Google Base)

Danny Ayers danny.ayers at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 07:41:16 PST 2005

By getting people to upload their data, Google Base bypasses one of 
the harder problems of distributed data: finding the stuff. I'd be
interested in hearing of any ideas anyone has around here that might
be helpful for finding the stuff.

Imagine there are lots and lots of microformat documents out there. I
want to get the data from a subset of these, e.g. restaurant reviews.
How do I do it?

The strategies I've seen for data discovery to date have all left a
lot to be desired, e.g. in-the-wild links - require crawling; more
controlled link lists (e.g. on a Wiki or at a directory service) -
heavily centralised; UDDI etc - service oriented, hard work;
distributed RDF queries - potentially workable, but still a way off.
Others..? Or are there any obvious ways I've missed of reducing the
drawbacks of these techniques?




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