[uf-discuss] invisible metadata

Carl Beeth carl.beeth at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 09:31:32 PST 2005

I'm confronting this very issue on my personal site where I have
started to put up hReviews. As it is a personal site I see no need to
sign every review visibly. In fact it would probably just ad noise.
But in the specs of hReview I am forced to declare it so the lesser of
two evils here is to repeat the signature while hiding it.

The most elegant solution would be to make the reviewer optional if
there is an author indicated on page level. BTW is there a
microformated way to indicate the author of a web page?

Another example that just turned up is that I use a rating system from
0 to 10 which forces me to indicate best and worst values but as I
visually translate these to a star rating with half stars it makes no
sense to display the best and worst values. So again I am in a
situation where hiding is the best option none perfect.

You can see the sample page here:
Only the little url reviews have been converted to hReview, I will
start on the big ones now.

BTW is anyone working on a hReview aggregator? I think there is huge
potential in that.


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