communications log, "tel" microformat? (was Re: [uf-discuss]Paving the cowpaths?)

Simon Kittle si at
Thu Nov 24 10:39:04 PST 2005

> Simon, welcome to the list!

> A quick re-use thought on your question:
> Is a communication log simply a special case of a web log?

Yep, just a subset.  Much like a web log consisting only of movie reviews.

> Perhaps consider using hAtom for the top level structure 
> (list of dated items).
> In addition, you *may* have just pointed out that there is a 
> need for an elemental "tel" microformat which we could create 
> in the same way that we extracted "geo" and "adr" 
> microformats from hCard.
> I'm curious, do people think there are sufficient examples of 
> "naked" phone numbers on the web (outside of contact 
> information for a specific person or
> organization) to justify the creation of an elemental "tel" 
> microformat to mark them up explicitly?
> Ian the mean time, as Ryn King as pointed out, there is 
> nothing stopping you from simply marking up your phone calls 
> using semantic class names, which you could re-use from 
> hCard, to note the phone number in particular, e.g.:
> <span class="tel">+1.415.555.1212</span>
> With that plus the hAtom structures, you may have enough for 
> your "communications log".

Yes it does.  Thanks for the thoughts Ryan and Tantek,

- Simon

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