[uf-discuss] uF Discovery?

Brian Suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 14:59:08 PST 2005

i just want to re-itterate that i'm not trying to design a 'discovery
format' i'm just trying to find examples of others that have already
come across this problem and how they have attempted to solve it.

in my previous Avon example, i was not suggesting that the 'discovery
file' re-listed all the 40,000 microformats. Instead (similar to the
sitemap.xml) it simply listed the pages that contained microformats,
and what formats were encoded. Therefore, it took some of the weight
off the spider to determine these things and head down paths that had
no data. Instead all it had to do was collect one file, and queue up
just those listed and possibly even distribute that load to
specialized spider-decoders for each microformat type.

It is not ideal, it is just an example of how other systems do discovery.


brian suda

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