[uf-discuss] uF Discovery?

Chris Messina chris.messina at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 15:29:50 PST 2005

I'll plead ignorance on this, but I've always thought that the torrent
approach would be useful for discovering microformats... I mean, you
could sort of have seeded mF data that would point to clusters of
paged marked up with mFs... Sort of like massive, distributed

I don't know what the mechanisms would be or what this would really
mean, but rather than have an explicit "contain-microformats" link
system, you could point to a warm of sites that are likely to contain
data related to various types of data... events, address, addresses,

I dunno, maybe the cranberry sauce is getting to me. ;)


On 11/24/05, Brian Suda <brian.suda at gmail.com> wrote:
> i just want to re-itterate that i'm not trying to design a 'discovery
> format' i'm just trying to find examples of others that have already
> come across this problem and how they have attempted to solve it.
> in my previous Avon example, i was not suggesting that the 'discovery
> file' re-listed all the 40,000 microformats. Instead (similar to the
> sitemap.xml) it simply listed the pages that contained microformats,
> and what formats were encoded. Therefore, it took some of the weight
> off the spider to determine these things and head down paths that had
> no data. Instead all it had to do was collect one file, and queue up
> just those listed and possibly even distribute that load to
> specialized spider-decoders for each microformat type.
> It is not ideal, it is just an example of how other systems do discovery.
> -brian
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