[uf-discuss] hCard XMDP profile

Simon Kittle si at kittle.co.uk
Mon Nov 28 04:48:08 PST 2005


Been looking at doing an XMDP profile for my communications log markup, and
I have a quick question regarding the hCard XMDP.

I understand that the possible class values are listed in a definitions list
under the said class attribute value, which is described and linked.

But how is the hierarchical nature of the format described?  In that the
possible value for class, 'vcard', is listed at the same level 'fn', and
'locality', for example, but when actually writing it elements with class
values 'fn' would be "under" 'vcard' (in a DOM visualization of the XHTML
snippet).  Would this information normally be just described in the prose
description?  Or can the definitions lists be nested to describe this?



Simon Kittle
Isa 40:30-31

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