[microformats-discuss] FYI: Boyd on Microformats and Structured Blogging

Kevin Marks kmarks at technorati.com
Mon Oct 10 17:00:14 PDT 2005

On Oct 10, 2005, at 3:58 PM, Tantek Çelik wrote:
>> I don't see it as a war.
> Right.  There is no need to see it as a war.
> However, that is an easily digestable metaphor so therefore conflicts  
> are
> often framed as such.

It's also the default journalist frame, makes it easy to seem  
even-handed and impartial.

>> In my view, the much more serious criticism is this:
>> "My viewpoint is that it is almost impossible to disassociate the
>> interests of these individuals and their respective companies from the
>> discussion of the pros and cons of these approaches."
> I read this as Stowe trying not show a bias towards microformats.   
> Because
> he clearly "gets" microformats, and has already adopted hCard and  
> hCalendar
> on his own site.

Not to mention rel="tag" (see my debate with him passim)


> I mean, yes, much of microformats was started by a small number of  
> people,
> many of whom work for the same company.  Most good ideas start with a  
> small
> number of (often one) people.  But whether the community grows beyond  
> that
> original small group / individual is what makes the difference.

Well, we weren't working for the same company when we started - XFN,  
Votelinks and XOXO all predate us working here... and Mark Pilgrim  
still isn't ;)

> BTW, I've personally invited the SB folks (Bob in particular) to  
> please come
> join the discussions in the microformats.org community and contribute  
> their
> SB ideas to help improve microformats as a whole.

I invited Bob to the Microformats dinner last week, at the Yahoo RSS  
party just before it, but he didn't show up.

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