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Joshua Kinberg jkinberg at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 12:46:20 PDT 2005

OK, so this looks like a good list of optional extensions to the
relEnclosure proposal (I don't have Wiki editing privileges, or I
would simply write them there)...

- Title and Type attributes as optional extensions to relEnclosure
links (simply exploiting XHTML to fullest capability)

- optional class="enclosure" block with multiple relEnclosure links
inside indicates multiple instances of the same enclosure (different
file formats, sizes, or bitrates).

- optional <img> element within relEnclosure link indicates a
thumbnail image for that enclosure. Could contain an additional class
attribute like class="thumbnail" (is this necesary?)

We could hold off on adding other *optional* Microformats to satisfy
requirements from other specs (Creator, Duration, Date, Description,
etc.) as those are more complicated and do not really follow current
"in the wild" practices, as Tantek has demonstrated in the discussion
about Dublin Core. Still, much of that information may be satisfied by
the surrounding context of the blog entry itself (although I don't
necessarily agree with that statement).

For now, the list above seems quite sensible and flexible, and I think
would be easy to put into practice.


On 10/14/05, Andreas Haugstrup <solitude at solitude.dk> wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Oct 2005 19:08:46 +0200, Joshua Kinberg <jkinberg at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > All the other stuff would have to be optional, but I think should be
> > available for the sake of conforming to other existing schemas, and
> > for those who want to include metadata specific  to the video.
> Ah, gotcha.
> > IMHO, multiple relEnclosure links on the same page should be assumed
> > to be different content unless they are intentionally grouped by some
> > means. I guess it wouldn't matter what XHTML tag was used for
> > grouping, it could be <div class="enclosure"> or <ul
> > class="enclosure">, as long as the class name was decided upon.
> > Multiple instances of a relEnclosure link within a class="enclosure"
> > block could be considered intentionally grouped, and thus consitituing
> > multiple instances of the same content -- analogous to <media:group>
> > in the MRSS spec.
> I'll agree with that.
> > On the wiki for relEnclosure the question of multiple enclosures has
> > been raised, and the possibility of using something like <link
> > rel="alternate"> has been brought up:
> > < http://microformats.org/wiki/rel-enclosure >
> You already outline some problems with rel alternate (I snipped them out),
> but rel="alternate" isn't suited regardless. "Alternate" is defined in the
> HTML spec:
> "Designates substitute versions for the document in which the link occurs."
> In the case of enclosure links "alternate" is not suited, because the
> media file is not a substitute version of the document in which the link
> occurs - it is a substitute version of another link on the document in
> which the link occurs.
> The people who are making several versions of videos available right now
> are already grouping using one element or another. Rocketboom.com uses
> <center> to group, but others use other elements (like <p>, <ul> or
> <div>). Adding a class name like you suggest seems to be the easiest
> solution.
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