[uf-discuss] Need for an MF styleguide

Drew McLellan lists at allinthehead.com
Fri Apr 7 16:40:01 PDT 2006

On 7 Apr 2006, at 16:59, Chris Messina wrote:

> Sure totally... do you want to get this started? Ideally we could get
> some good use cases and docs and turn them into summary blog posts
> when they're all ready to go. I find the wiki a bit inaccessible for
> design-types -- we need something ultra easy to use that looks good.

Ok, will do.

Totally agree that the wiki is inaccessible for design-types, in fact  
for most types. But it's a good place for collaborative authoring, so  
lets start there. Once we have something worth publicising, we should  
consider moving it to a friendlier format.


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