[uf-discuss] X2V and the Implied-N (was: newbie: hCard implementation questions)

Faust Faust at LeeMarvin.com
Mon Apr 17 16:13:04 PDT 2006

brian suda wrote:
> As for the Implied-N at the moment it is assuming that it is in the
> format "FirstName LastName" (Given-Name Family-Name) your example is in
> reverse and it has a comma ',' as part of that value. So it is assuming
> that is part of firstname, it is not great, but that is the way X2V
> currently parses - if that needs to be changed or discussed let me know.
I think it might warrant some discussion, but modifying the parser won't 
fix my "family-name (comma) given-name" issue since not all of my data 
strictly follows the exactly two words separated by white space rule 
required for implied-n optimization.  In at least some of my particular 
cases, I need to explicitly mark-up the "N" property.

Here is why I think it might warrant some discussion.  Based on this 
from <http://microformats.org/wiki/hcard#Implied_.22n.22_Optimization>:

> Exception: If the first word ends in a "," comma OR if the second word 
> is a single character (optionally followed by a period "."), then the 
> first word (minus the comma at the end if any) is interpreted as the 
> "family-name" and the second word is interpreted as the "given-name".
> This allows simplification in the typical case of people stating:
>     * given-name (space) family-name
>     * family-name (comma) given-name
>     * family-name (comma) given-name-first-initial
>     * family-name (space) given-name-first-initial (optional period) 

when the parser encountered this:

> <span class="fn">Andereck, Edwin</span>

I excepted it to output this:

> N;LANGUAGE=eng;CHARSET=UTF-8:Andereck;Edwin;;;

instead of this:

> N;LANGUAGE=en;CHARSET=UTF-8:Edwin;Andereck\,;;;;

In my particular case, I also have data like this:

> <span class="fn">Guzmán, Juan Tony</span>

Since implied-n optimization is only for "FN"s of exactly two "words" 
separated by whitespace and "FN"s of any other configuration require 
"N", even if the parser was changed to match my expectations, it 
wouldn't magically take care of cases like the above.  So, clearly, if I 
want a valid hCard, I need to explicitly mark-up the "N" property.



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