[uf-discuss] X2V, hCard, FN, and "\n" question

Faust Faust at LeeMarvin.com
Tue Apr 18 12:04:32 PDT 2006


It appears that when I collapse the "N", "FN", and "URL" properties to a 
single class attribute, X2V puts a leading "\n" on the "FN" property of 
the vCard.

When given this:

> <h2 class="name"><a class="n fn url" 
> href="http://music.luther.edu/new/faculty/arnold_craig.html"><span 
> class="family-name">Arnold</span>, <span 
> class="given-name">Craig</span></a></h2>

X2V produces this:

> N;LANGUAGE=en;CHARSET=UTF-8:Arnold;Craig;;;
> FN;LANGUAGE=en;CHARSET=UTF-8:\nArnold, Craig

I attempted various arrangements of "n", "fn", "url" classes but could 
not get rid of the extra "\n" in the FN in the vCard.. When I  moved the 
"FN" class to it's own span like this:

> <h2 class="name"><a class="n url" 
> href="http://music.luther.edu/new/faculty/arnold_craig.html"><span 
> class="fn"><span class="family-name">Arnold</span>, <span 
> class="given-name">Craig</span></span></a></h2>

X2V produced the desired output:

> N;LANGUAGE=en;CHARSET=UTF-8:Arnold;Craig;;;
> FN;LANGUAGE=en;CHARSET=UTF-8:Arnold, Craig

Is this a parser or mark-up issue?

Thank in advance,


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