[uf-discuss] Chat microformat/podcast transcript

Paul Bryson paul at msn.com
Wed Apr 19 14:02:37 PDT 2006

"Kevin Marks" wrote...
> Thats why you use a list:
> <ol>
> <li><cite>Chris Messina</cite> <q>A chat is a list of 
> definitions.</q></li>
> <li><cite>Kevin Marks</cite> <q>No, a chat is a list of 
> quotations.</q></li>
> </ol>
> Which has a very nice default rendering.

Slap a date/time-design-pattern <abbr> in there and it would look pretty 

One thing though, I use at least one chat program that has an option to 
condense all contiguous messages from a single author together so that it 
just displays the author once, but the timestamp of each message.  This is 
continued until a message from a different author appears.  I assume this 
feature exists in the small minority, but thought I would mention it just in 


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