[uf-discuss] Google Gdata new syndication protocol!

Sam Sethi sam.sethi at vecosys.com
Thu Apr 20 05:22:44 PDT 2006

Chris Messina recently wrote about how Google's new Calendar missed a trick
by not supporting MF's. Google announced today
http://code.google.com/apis/gdata/index.html that they are providing a new
syndication protocol called Gdata which is based on Atom and RSS syndication
specs but it also supports query, authorisation and optimistic concurreny
(whatever that might be?)So is this the start of syndication wars.  What
will Microsoft comeout with as a response - another format extension? 

Feature 			GData 	Atom* 	RSS 2.0
Syndication Format 	Y 		Y 		Y
Queries 			Y 		N 		N
Updates 			Y 		Y 		N
Optimistic Concurrency 	Y 		N 		N
Authentication 		Y 		N 		N

* The "Atom" column refers to both the syndication format and the
publication protocol. 

The reason for mentioning it here is because of the work around hAtom which
might link to this. I know Adam Bosworth has talked at length about an Atom
Store database (Google)and I was wondering if this is the first step in
querying the Atom Store.  Google certainly seem to think so. "GData also
lets you send data to Google, and update data that Google already has."

Any thoughts ...

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