[uf-discuss] Google Gdata new syndication protocol!

Chris Messina chris.messina at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 09:17:52 PDT 2006

Holy hell. This is rediculous. Gdata == the Word document format of web 2.0.

Does anyone know *anyone* in Google that will tell us why they're
ignoring microformats??


On 4/20/06, Sam Sethi <sam.sethi at vecosys.com> wrote:
> Chris Messina recently wrote about how Google's new Calendar missed a trick
> by not supporting MF's. Google announced today
> http://code.google.com/apis/gdata/index.html that they are providing a new
> syndication protocol called Gdata which is based on Atom and RSS syndication
> specs but it also supports query, authorisation and optimistic concurreny
> (whatever that might be?)So is this the start of syndication wars.  What
> will Microsoft comeout with as a response - another format extension?
> Feature                         GData   Atom*   RSS 2.0
> Syndication Format      Y               Y               Y
> Queries                         Y               N               N
> Updates                         Y               Y               N
> Optimistic Concurrency  Y               N               N
> Authentication          Y               N               N
> * The "Atom" column refers to both the syndication format and the
> publication protocol.
> The reason for mentioning it here is because of the work around hAtom which
> might link to this. I know Adam Bosworth has talked at length about an Atom
> Store database (Google)and I was wondering if this is the first step in
> querying the Atom Store.  Google certainly seem to think so. "GData also
> lets you send data to Google, and update data that Google already has."
> Any thoughts ...
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