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Sure, if you have a simple CSS there it can render as you please - you don't even need Xslt. 

Apple have a nice example:

And i suspect you're fairly unlikely to have a Microformat that doesn't have style (classes etc are fundamental to them), then i'd argue there is really no difference.

I'll put it another (likely contentious way...) - Xml could be substituted for Microformats with no real side effect - render done via CSS or Xslt. Again, any Microformats is an Xml fragment in any case.

The key to all this i you guys who have gotten behind it. IMHO, technology is unimportant here. It is much the same way AJAX has emerged from a set of tools i have been using in corporate applications since 1998 - the community suddenly come together and called it something.

However, i look forward to reading the article!! 
I do think this effort is pretty cool :)

Steven Livingstone

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>Well XML isn't really supported by all browsers.  If I markup some data
><calendar xmlns="http://example.org/myformat/">
>	<date>1/23/2005</date>
>	<event>Blah</event>
>A browser can't by default render that as it could if that was (x)html
>markup.  That's one benefit of Microformats is that it is designed for
>humans first, unlike XML languages.
>Where the redundancy comes in is in the form of XML feeds such as RSS and
>ATOM.  These type of feeds are separate from your main content (i.e. your
>website) but they contain duplicate content from your website.
>I guess what I'm looking for is discussion on why would one choose
>Microformats over XML languages or any other popular means of embedding
>Perhaps I should look at how Microformats contrast with Dublin Core/RDF.
>My article discusses the principles and benefits of Microformats, but I
>haven't had a really strong discussion of why not use XML or RDF as well as
>the weaknesses of Microformats.
>Thanks for the feedback!
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>I'm not wholly convinced they compete to be honest.
>Xml is very easily authored as well, is supported by all browsers i believe,
>as well as most applications now - not sure where the redundancy comes from
>- you use what you want.
>Xml is far better supported in terms of toolset and validation. It also has
>powerful technologies around it and i find it hard to know what i would use
>Microformats over Xml - i'd always go with Xml - unless i was embedding
>certain data within an XHTML document, but that's because there is now
>support for Microformats, not because Xml wouln't do it (remembering that
>XHTML and co. are Xml in any case).
>Just to be clear, the "Xml communities" have been creating standards for a
>number of years and there has been literally hundreds of effors and many
>standards are in use today - commercial and non-commercial.
>I'd say the cooo thing about Microformats is they are a look at something in
>a new way (not replacing anything as such). If anything it competes perhaps
>against Dublin Core/RDF when embedded in XHTML documents, however, i do
>believe Microformats are something entirly new (maybe an argument agsinst
>Smart Tags and so on could be made).
>Steven Livingstone
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>>I am writing an article for an online development magazine on Microformats
>>and I'm looking for some good online discussions on the benefits of
>>Microformats over XML.
>>So far I have:
>>Reduced Redundancy (ex. RSS)
>>Browser Support for Microformats since it builds on HTML.
>>Ease of authorship
>>Are there any others I am missing? Is there a good discussion you could
>>point me to? I searched and didn't find a whole lot.  I may be using the
>>wrong search terms. ;)
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