[uf-discuss] relatinal modeling in microformats?

David Osolkowski qidydl at gmail.com
Wed Aug 2 08:04:49 PDT 2006

If we're looking for a use case for being able to construct a
hierarchy of vevents, I could imagine it would be useful in a calendar
with a fancy interface: if you're viewing a month at a time, it could
collapse all the presentations down into one event labeled ABC
Conference, but if you zoom in to a week or a day, it would break out
into the individual presentations.  It could also use shading,
coloring, a container shape, or something to indicate that those
presentations are linked together as part of a larger event.

Granted, this sounds closer to a gimmick than a useful feature, but it
would be much easier to implement if it was possible to unambiguously
determine a hierarchy of events.

- David

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