[uf-discuss] Widgetbox thinks outside the box...

Chris Messina chris.messina at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 20:23:28 PDT 2006

...and develops YAWS (yet another widget syntax).

One that looks like this: <wbx:keywords xmlns:wbx="urn:wbx" value="tech" />

Here's how a "user" might create a "smart blog" post:


Essentially, from what I can tell, they use JS to go in and replace
the <wbx /> instances with iframes that pull content from the
WidgetBox site (according to this:

While they support rel-tag, they seem to have dispensed with the
microformats concept after that.

Any thoughts on this? I contacted them to get their side -- seems a
pity that they wouldn't try working on the hWidget spec if they're
aware of it, given what they say on their homepage: "This is a work in
progress. We certainly need more documentation, more widgets, and more
assistance putting widgets on blogs. Please let us know what we need

Perhaps we should tell them.


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