[uf-discuss] local hAtom feed proxy & transparent Atom feeds

Chris Casciano chris at placenamehere.com
Sun Aug 6 09:23:12 PDT 2006

A week or two ago I posted some thoughts about using an  
hatom2atom.xsl proxy on your site along with hatom content and the  
link element to add Atom feeds to static pages or pages that  
otherwise don't have feed scripts already in a way that was  
transparent to the site's readers. Today I followed it up with some  
sample PHP code and instructions on how to set it up...

Feeds For All With hAtom

Feeds For All With hAtom -- Part 2: The Code

Feedback on the script is welcome, though my goal here is less to  
publish and maintain the proxy code and more as simple example of  
what can be done and to move hAtom discussion and usage forward.

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