[uf-discuss] Media Metadata, Specifically Video Thumbnails

Steve Williams sbw at digg.com
Wed Aug 16 15:23:09 PDT 2006

At 03:00 PM 8/16/2006, Scott Reynen wrote:
>I don't see how class="thumbnail" would work for you because the 
>thumbnail isn't going to exist on the submitted URL.

Well, the thumbnail MIGHT exist on the document at the submitted 
URL.  But you're right that the current practice is (I think) to 
embed a flash player in the video's permalink page, rather than a 
clickable JPEG thumbnail.

Given that the JPEG typically isn't there, I guess it would be 
counter to the spirit of Microformats to require the sites to add it (visibly).

>I'd think you'd need something more like <link rel="thumbnail"> ...

I thought of that, and I like it a lot.  Is that a common pattern in 
new microformat proposals?

I'll go read this: http://microformats.org/wiki/RelFAQ

I'm troubled, however: The link tag you suggest would imply that it's 
the thumbnail of the page, not the thumbnail of the video described 
by (and perhaps embedded in the page).  Is that something I should be 
concerned about?

Maybe it'd be best to recognize both mechanisms.  Sites that already 
display the thumbnail JPEG visually may use the class, and those that 
don't may use the link. 

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