[uf-discuss] Media Metadata, Specifically Video Thumbnails

Ben Ward lists at ben-ward.co.uk
Wed Aug 16 15:56:51 PDT 2006

On 16 Aug 2006, at 23:23, Steve Williams wrote:
>> I'd think you'd need something more like <link rel="thumbnail"> ...
> I thought of that, and I like it a lot.  Is that a common pattern  
> in new microformat proposals?

@rel gets a lot of use where appropriate. The only thing here is that  
you must remember the rel refers to the _page_ the link exists on,  
not necessarily a part of media within that page. Although, I believe  
xFolk limits to scope of rel-tag, so perhaps there's a precedent for  
extending its use.

If scope limiting rel and rev is appropriate here, I think that that  
something like this would be valid:

<a href="movie.mov" type="video/quicktime" rev="thumbnail"><img  
src="thumb.png" alt="…"/></a>

@rev in this case indicating the current page/fragment (indicated by  
rev-thumbnail) is a thumbnail for the page being linked to.  
Remembering that rel describes the relationship between the link and  
the current page (e.g rel-stylesheet says the linked document is a  
stylesheet FOR the current page), rev describes the reversed  
relationship of current page for the link.

In this case, you're additionally specifying the IMG child of a rev- 
thumbnail link is the thumbnail for the content of the linked page.

… I think that's right anyway. Rev does make me think at this time of  


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