[uf-discuss] Getting started with microformats

Graham Higgins gjh-ufdiscuss at bel-epa.com
Thu Aug 17 04:58:49 PDT 2006

On 17 Aug 2006, at 12:16, Ciaran McNulty wrote:

> vCard (and therefore hCard) has a field named 'agent', for just this
> sort of thing.
> I believe the markup looks something like:
> <div class="vcard">
>  <span class="fn">John Smith</span> can be reached via his secretary
>  <span class="agent vcard">
>    <span class="fn">John Doe</span> on
>    <span class="tel">020 1111 1111</span>
>  </span>
> </div>

Thanks for setting me right.

I did think about using the "agent" field --- unfortunately, in this  
instance John Smith is (in real life) an agent and John Doe is the  
agent's assistant. I have a feeling that using the agent's "agent"  
field for the agent's assistant's hcard or the associate agent's  
hcard is just going to cause confusion all round.

Looks like it's an unfortunate semantic conflation which is  
restricted to this particular domain of discourse.

Dare I trust the parsers to get it right?



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