[uf-discuss] citation: another example of practice in the wild

David Osolkowski qidydl at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 06:42:17 PDT 2006

On 8/16/06, Michael McCracken <michael.mccracken at gmail.com> wrote:
> Yes, I missed that, it does. I think we'd have to use it as a child
> element on the link:
> <a href="link-to-fulltext" class="identifier"><abbr class="format"
> title="application/pdf">PDF</abbr> full text link</a>

I think it would be better to mark that up as <a
href="link-to-fulltext" class="identifier" type="application/pdf">full
text link</a>.  No sense reinventing things that already exist in

- David

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