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Ted Drake tdrake at yahoo-inc.com
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We've been actively trying to integrate microformats into Yahoo! Tech and
I've been pining away for a method to markup product information.

The hlisting is a nice idea but irrelevant to a site like Yahoo! Tech. It's
perfect for Craigslist or Ebay. But Tech doesn't sell stuff. We provide
information, reviews, and links to retailers. The hlist requires a lister,
but that could be hundreds of stores for us. 

I like the idea of hproduct. Product id's will be messy. Do we use skus?
Isbn? Proprietary ids?  For the average user, I think sku and isbn would be
useful enough to be relevant. It would be nice to have an optional attribute
to describe the naming scheme. For example: 
<li class="prodid sku">123455678</li>

I would be interested in helping with the development of this concept. Tech
could be a good testing ground as we have a fairly large scale and open
minded project managers.


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These might cover alot of what you are looking for.

Have a look at hListing: http://microformats.org/wiki/hlisting-proposal

and Citations: http://microformats.org/wiki/citation


Adam Craven - Four Shapes wrote:
> Retail is a huge area. Products are listed everywhere and the data is
> untamed and lacks cohesion. 
> The proposal is here to gauge interest in developing a microformat to help
> unify this data, specifically for products.
> A few examples of retail sites:   
> A classical example:
> =266239&s=gateway&v=glance 
> An affiliate based product seller (indirect, not the product seller):
> http://audiovisual.kelkoo.co.uk/b/a/sbs/122701/15403899.html 
> A plain example:
> http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/Cordless_Mice.html 
> Some ideas of what could be included:
> Title: [Main title] 
> Web Standards Solutions
> Subtitle: [More information on the product]
> The Mark-up and Style Handbook
> Price: [RRP, Tax, Price in other currencies] 
> £10 (£11.75 inc VAT)
> Availability: [number in stock, time to delivery, shipping] 
> In Stock, 1-3 days delivery 
> Shipping/Postage: [Cost for shipping (usually varies a lot depend on what
> you choose)]
> First class, £3.40
> Format: [What is the product?] 
> book
> Format specific information would be great, however, with so many things a
> product can be (e.g. TV, Cup, Book, Car) it would be hard to cover all
> bases. Unsure about that.
> Review: [Use hReview Implementation]
> Product overview: [About the product, description, blurb, mainly textual
> info.]
> Web Standards Solutions contains

> Specifications: [possible link to external site.]
> N/A in this case
> Opinions?
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