[uf-discuss] hProduct thoughts

brian suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Fri Aug 25 09:18:09 PDT 2006

Ted Drake wrote:
> I like the idea of hproduct. Product id's will be messy. Do we use skus?
> Isbn? Proprietary ids?  For the average user, I think sku and isbn would be
> useful enough to be relevant. It would be nice to have an optional attribute
> to describe the naming scheme. For example: 
> <li class="prodid sku">123455678</li>
This was a VERY long thread about UIDs, ISBNs, and referencing "objects"

Given that the citation microformat will handle all the information
about how to reference and identify a book, article, etc. Most of that
can easily be extracted and reused to reference a DVD, computer,
anything with an identifier.


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