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That's great.

Though there is no exising microformat for describing products, you  
can still apply semantic markup to your site. When discussing a  
microformat, your experience with marking those items up will be very  


Hi Ryan

This is an example of a product page header that we'd add the hproduct micro
formatting to. http://tech.yahoo.com/pr/canon-powershot-s80/1992668776
You'll see I've already marked up the product name. This is being included
later in the page with product reviews, using the new link based include

<h2 class="ytprodh2">Digital Cameras</h2>
<div id="detailsheader" class="solidsplitcontainer">
<div id="detailsimages" class="solidsplitright"><div class="bd"><p><img
175?rm_____DVhZm9zT6" alt="Canon PowerShot S80 Digital Camera" title="Canon
PowerShot S80 Digital Camera"></p></div></div>
<div class="solidsplitleft">
<div class="hd"><h2 id="prodname" class="item fn">Canon PowerShot S80
Digital Camera</h2></div>
<div class="bd">
<dl id="ytheaderuserrate" class="ytdetheaddl ytratingsdl">
<dt>Overall User Rating:</dt>
<dd class="bigstars10 ytratingsdd"><span title="Yahoo! users have given this
product 5 out of 5 stars for overall quality">5/5 </span></dd>
<dd class="ytdurward">based on 29 ratings</dd>
<dl id="ytheaderprorate" class="ytdetheaddl ytratingsdl">

<dt>Overall Pro Rating:</dt>
<dd class="bigprostars8 ytratingsdd"><span title="Pros have given this
product 4 out of 5 stars for overall quality">4/5 </span></dd>
<dd class="ytdurward">based on 4 reviews</dd>
<dl id="ytheaderCR" class="ytdetheaddl ytratingsdl">
<dt>Consumer Reports Ranking:</dt>
<dd class="ytratingsdd">
<strong>2</strong> out of <strong>25</strong>
<dl id="ytheaderprices" class="ytdetheaddl ytratingsdl">
<dt><strong>$409.00</strong> - <strong>$529.99</strong></dt>
<dd class="ytddprice"><a href="/pp/canon-powershot-s80/1992668776"
class="ytbtncompprices" title="Compare prices for this product from 4
stores">Buying Information</a></dd>
<dd class="ytdurward">from <strong>4 stores</strong>

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