[uf-discuss] hProduct thoughts

Adam Craven - Four Shapes adam.craven at fourshapes.com
Sat Aug 26 05:37:15 PDT 2006

The tech yahoo site represents excellently the two types of product sellers.
The affiliates and merchants.

While hListing is ok, it's not very adaptable at the minute and is a smaller
microformat in comparison.

The citation MF looks great, although difficult to implement with the ideas
of hProduct bordering on many of the same elements. I'm not sure how to work
with that. 

For example, you're selling a bibliography on your online store.

The citation format covers many great details like this:

   <p id="Brenner2000a" class="bibref">
    <span class="creator">Brenner, N.</span>
    <span class="date"> (<span class="year">2000</span>) </span>
    <span class="title">The Urban Question as a Scale Question: Reflections 
    on Henri Lefebre, Urban Theory and the Politics of Scale, </span>
    <span class="container">
      <span class="title">International Journal of 
        Urban and Regional Research, </span>
      <span class="volume">24</span>
      <span class="issue">(2)</span>
      <span class="locator">, pp. 361-78</span>

To implement with hProduct ideas, I'm not sure how you'd go about doing it.

And what about things like Electronics? What details are important? Maybe in
10 years time a new technology specification would appear that would be
important, but isn't so now. For example, power ratings might become highly
important (or required by law).

I can see this being a huge stepping stone to cross with 'hProduct' and
'citation' integration.

However, I feel the concepts behind hProduct will make it a popular
microformat and excellent for a more Symantec web.


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