[uf-discuss] vcard fn for name in "A. B. Smith" format

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Tue Aug 29 09:08:26 PDT 2006

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>>vcard for someone whose name is given as "A. B. Smith".

>Good Question Andy, you have several potential quirks with the string
>"A. B. Smith".


>We need to explicitly mark-up what each portion of
>the string means.
><div class="vcard">
><span class="fn n">
><span class="given-name">A</span>.
><span class="additional-name">B</span>.
><span class="family-name">Smith</span>

My name can be written as "A. J. Mabbett", but my given name isn't "A",
nor is "J" one of my names.

(On the other hand, I could legally change my name to "A. J.", or to "A
J" or "AJ", if I so chose).

>This gives explicit meaning to all the portions of the name and will
>import into your address book just fine, but there is abit more
>semantics we can add.
><div class="vcard">
><span class="fn n">
><abbr title="Andy" class="given-name">A</abbr>.
><abbr title="Brian" class="additional-name">B</abbr >.
><span class="family-name">Smith</span>

In this case, I have no idea what the "A" & "B" stand for.

>I hope this helps

It has given me food for thought, thanks.

I suppose I could use:

        <div class="vcard">
        <span class="fn n">
        A. B.
        <span class="family-name">Smith</span>

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