[uf-discuss] vcard fn for name in "A. B. Smith" format

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Wed Aug 30 16:16:49 PDT 2006

In message <D9A2AD81-FACC-439A-BE8A-0211B3656109 at allinthehead.com>, Drew
McLellan <lists at allinthehead.com> writes

>best-guess isn't currently picking up multiple
>honourary prefixes and suffixes. As soon as I see any real quantity of
>real-life names of such a pattern come through the service

Your site may not be seeing a representation of real life. Google finds:

        about 2,960,000 for "Rt. Hon"

most if not all of whom are:

        Rt. Hon. Bilbo Baggins MP

>I clearly don't have KBE in the list. I shall add it.

Don't forget all the other honorary and professional suffixes.
Here's a good test case:

Andy Mabbett, BA, M.Phil., M.Sc., D.Phil., I.M.D.

(I.M.D. = "In My Dreams")

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