[uf-discuss] "geo" microformat - specification and usage

Alex Mayrhofer axelm at nona.net
Wed Aug 30 06:07:20 PDT 2006


i'm investigating the use of "geo" on one of my sites, and i have two open
questions with regards to this:

1) i didn't find what reference system the "geo" microformat should use.
Although i suppose it is WGS84, neither the original vCard specs nor the
microformats explicitely mention this. Since differences between various
reference systems can be quite significant (up to a few hundred meters), i
think it is important to specify this.

2) Are there any search engines which look at the "geo" microformat? The
most popular search engine for that purpose seems to be geourl.org -
however, they only index ICBM and "geo.position" style meta tags.



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