[uf-discuss] Use of icons?

Angus McIntyre angus at pobox.com
Wed Dec 6 09:21:46 PST 2006

By now I imagine everyone has seen the elegant microformats icons offered
by Chris Messina and Wolfgang Bartelme at:


What's not clear to me is what "best practice" for using these icons (or
any other microformats-related icons) would be, and Chris and Wolfgang
don't actually give any hints.

I'd like to use them, as part of a general policy of promoting and
advertising microformatty goodness. The question in my mind is, should
they be used as decorative elements that flag the presence of particular
microformats within a page, or are there implementable actions that can be
associated with each icon?

What will users expect, or what should they be educated to expect when
they see icons like these or even the 'standard' microformats icon?


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