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>On 07/12/06, Andy Mabbett <andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk> wrote:
>> Both Mars and the Moon have been in the news this week:

>> Where are we, with the 'Mars':
>>         <http://microformats.org/wiki/mars>
>> and 'Luna':
>>         <http://microformats.org/wiki/luna>
>> proposals?

>back atch'ya!  You appear to be the major
>contributor to both of these proposals, so where are you with them?

I've done everything I think I can (please let me know if I've missed
something) and am waiting for some response from "the community".

>What specific problems are causing hold-ups, if any?

So far as I can see, the issues are:

   *    should these be subsets of "geo" (i.e. add an extra class to
        geo, indicating which body is being referred to); or stand-alone
        (I'm happy either way; using the former may produce nonsensical
        results in existing parsers; this might be deemed of little

   *    should there be a class to indicate the mapping convention being
        used, or should the uF specify a default (as, I believe, is done
        with geo)? (Of course, there could be a "default unless
        otherwise stated", meeting both needs).

   *    lack of involvement from the relevant space scientists, not
        least as addressed in discussion (and apparent rejection by this
        community - or is the jury still out?) of the potential use of a
        dedicated mailing list.

   *    naming issues (if any remain, I think they are relatively
        trivial and easily resolvable).

Do you think a "straw man" might be due?

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