[uf-discuss] More reverts on the 'wiki'

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Tue Dec 12 14:35:50 PST 2006

I added what I thought was some helpful guidance to the 'wiki' page
about this mailing list, a few hours ago:


Once again, Tantek reverted it quite quickly, with no explanation other

        Reverted edit of AndyMabbett, changed back to last version by

which was not fully honest, since he actually reverted another, earlier
edit by me at the same time.

I'm confident that I didn't breach any of the then-current guidelines
for the 'wiki'; if I did, please feel free to point out which.

He then added a note about the guidelines being intended to increase
signal-to-noise ratio, so I re-added my comment, with an additional
clause pointing out how my suggestion would itself help to increase
signal-to-noise ratio.

He reverted this again, almost immediately:


with the same edit summary as above, then added the instruction:

        If you have suggestions for general guidelines, please post them
        to the microformats-discuss list so that the list-admins may
        consider your suggestions.

(Note that's "list-admins may consider" not "the community may
consider". Note also that none of Tantek's recent additions to these
guidelines has been offered up for discussion on the mailing list.)

Are the "community" happy for extra restrictions to be added to the
'wiki' in this unilateral way? Or is the "community's" ownership of work
on microformats and its 'wiki' a myth?

As I said a couple of days ago:

        If there is an autocracy (or some other non-community based
        management system) here, then surely it should be openly and
        honestly documented?

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