[uf-discuss] Re : Development of uFs outside the current framework

Christopher Rines crines at senira.com
Fri Dec 15 00:01:07 PST 2006

>>Simply a matter of definition.

>Well, quite. And there's more than one.

>>In this context, "microformats" may be considered to be something like a

> Like hoover or biro..?

I keep wanting to jump in and add something of real use to the community at
large but I keep seeing stuff that seems non-constructive and I don't know
how to "break through the noise".

I appreciate and applaud the stewardship of the microformat leaders (Tantek,
etc.).  I think if people read the wiki and mail-list archives they will get
an idea of the basic underlying principles of this community and will be
able to contribute much; Personally while I don't want to leave the list
it's unfortunately reached a certain ratio of noise to input that is way to
high for my liking.  

I appreciate what everyone working towards the common goal has contributed
and I thank you; please keep going.  I still plan on releasing some
microformat code for everyone to use and it is definitely baked into my
product. It's unfortunate I feel I can no longer try to participate on this
list but to me it has been taken over by a  level of noise that is
unacceptable and that my inbox really doesn't need.

Again, I'd like to thank the Tantek, Ryan, Brian, Chris and others (not all
mentioned) for some really great work along with constructive commentary and
I hope the list gets back to a stable point where I can feel 'safe'

Till that time I will share on my blog what I am doing and will request
comments from people here if they are willing to give them.

All the best to everyone and please keep moving forward,


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