[uf-discuss] Q&

Scott Reynen scott at randomchaos.com
Fri Dec 15 12:14:57 PST 2006

On Dec 15, 2006, at 12:24 PM, Benjamin West wrote:

> Finally, there are a few things keeping me from starting a wiki page:
> 1.) What is the scope of this format?

I didn't see anything in the wiki on this (I hope I didn't miss it in  
previous emails), so I created an initial attempt at defining the  
purpose and scope here:


If that doesn't seem right, please edit it so it does.  When the  
purpose seems generally agreeable, I'll be happy to start filling in  
real world examples.  But until we have some consensus on a purpose,  
I'm not really sure what the examples should be exemplifying.


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